About Unite SA

’Sisonke Simunye’’ (Together we are one)

UniteSA is a civic minded non-profit organisation (NPO) founded by South Africans with a shared concern about the present wave of negativity sweeping across our beloved country – ordinary individuals who, like millions of forward-looking South Africans, refuse to be intimidated by a toxic mind-set perpetuated by a vociferous few who consistently spread a message of discontent, division, racial conflict and inevitable disaster.

Such a viperous narrative cannot be allowed to dictate ongoing debate amongst South Africans. In a bold yet spontaneous move to deal with this ongoing travesty, UniteSA is bringing together like-minded South Africans to join UniteSA as members of a new dynamic movement to voice and concretise a message of love, kindness, compassion, respect, truth and accountability.


What unites us today, not what divided us yesterday, must be the foundation of our tomorrow.

It is said there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come. UniteSA’s vision (idea) is to unite all citizens of South Africa with singular intent to promote peace, tolerance, respect, equality, prosperity, truth, accountability and to build a civil and just society for all.

The challenge is collaboration driven by ordinary South Africans from all spheres of daily life, an alliance rejecting any notion of despair or efforts to challenge basic human rights and values enshrined in our Constitution. More importantly, UniteSA must be a platform from where South Africans who care can reach out and engage with the poorest of the poor, with those communities most in need of a helping hand, not with empty promises or hidden agendas but with love, compassion and a sincere intention to engage to enrich lives in a tangible manner.

The end goal is to ignite and fuel the spirit of Ubuntu, to imbed its core values and humanity in the hearts and souls of present and future generations living in South Africa. It’s our only hope to expose and prevent an onslaught from those set on destroying our young democracy.   

Let’s unite all South Africans to rally behind a common cause – behind every positive endeavour that guarantees or contributes to a worthwhile future for all.


‘’We need to rediscover a national conversation where we talk more truthfully and listen more intently. Dialogue still has a crucial role in helping to create our dream of a South Africa that is just and reconciled,’’ Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

A key task will be to create dialogue that is free, fair and thoughtful between all members of the rainbow nation, most importantly, by changing the message that is delivered to our communities.

The racial divide in South Africa has always been the elephant in the room that few acknowledge and fewer still want to discuss in open forums. UniteSA will address these issues in a manner that is respectful and mindful to all. This allows us to have the building blocks to continually construct a better South Africa as a catalyst for:

  • Open Dialogue between all race
  • Forgiveness and the ability to move on
  • Servitude
  • Debates on society’s most pressing challenges.

Key points that underpin the task

  • Oppose hate speech, animosity and division in all its forms
  • Aspire to the highest values, morals and principles, always acting with consideration, truth and utmost accountability

Focus areas

  • Environmental Sustainability Initiatives. Reduce carbon footprints to mitigate climate change
  • Direct Philanthropic Giving. Engage in charitable giving and volunteer efforts within our communities
  • Ethical Business Practices. Improve labour policies and embrace fair trade
  • Dialogue. The more we celebrate our differences the more open our conversations will be with each other. The solution lies within the problem. The answer is in every question.

Bridging the chasm


  • Public dialogue
  • Positive and enabling thought patterns embedded into a new mindset
  • Values and pledge of service to our country and all South Africans
  • Tangible donations for housing, schooling and immediate assistance for vetted grants


A united South Africa will change everything. It will build confidence in a worthwhile future through cementing stronger friendships/relationships between all races regardless of associations.

South Africans, from all sides of a broad spectrum, will in time embrace our diverse cultures and beliefs as a strength. The outcome will be a new positive mind-set and changed attitudes that will narrow the divide between black and white, address poverty and achieve long-term prosperity in the wake of our

President’s new dawn promise. South Africans can then look to a future free of corruption, a state and civil service committed to excellence in service delivery and a private sector ready to respond with action to build a South Africa of note.

On 13 February 1996, at an inter-faith commissioning service for the TRC, at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town, Nelson Mandela said;

“All South Africans face the challenge of coming to terms with the past in ways which will enable us to face the future as a united nation at peace with itself.”


Copy with call to action with steps to become a member


I, ………….., swear/solemnly affirm that I will be faithful to the Republic of South Africa, prioritise its need above any party, will obey, respect and uphold the Constitution and all other law of the Republic, and I undertake to:

  • protect and promote all that will advance the Republic, and oppose all that may harm it;
  • strive to promote peace, tolerance, respect, equality, prosperity, truth, accountability and to build a civil and just society for all;
  • defend and uphold the rights of all South Africans;


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke